Delightful Insanity

A delighfully insane first post…

on June 10, 2011

Okay so finally, after months and months of reading others blogs, I am starting one of my own! Yay! Originally I had planned for my blog to be about my love and I trying to have a baby, but sadly we are not quite at that point (financially) at this moment. So I decided to start this blog anyway. I already have such a wonderful family (me, my love, and our two furbabies), and a delightfully insane life that I love! Once we are ready to start ttc (trying to conceive), that will be just another (amazing) part of our lives, and I cannot wait until we get there!

So next post will be introductions…..popcorn anyone?



One response to “A delighfully insane first post…

  1. Ro says:

    No one is ever financially ready to have a baby. But you better have one soon because I want to be a his/hers earth-mother, and I want to buy little sweater vests! I will do my best to find some argyle socks for you. Lol! This blog-thing is a good idea for you I think. Gets you writing again, and allows you to vent. Can’t wait to read your future posts! Love you lots!

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