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Our eldest furbaby

on July 26, 2011

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved animals. There wasn’t a time when there wasn’t some form of furry creature running around, whether a dog, cat or rabbit. So it was no surprise when my love and I moved out of our little apartment and into our first house that I would want a puppy. Now T  has never really been a dog person (she came into this relationship with five cats), so she was a bit apprehensive about the whole dog thing. She had successfully side tracked my mind from a puppy until one morning my mother called. She was selling up at the flea market and she noticed a couple selling German Shepherd puppies, and offered to buy me one if we came down to look at them and happened to want one. I was up and dressed before I even hung up the phone and T was sort of resistant to the whole idea still. So I said “let’s just go and look”. (Those exact words are spoken by me again in the near future).

Once we got there we had no idea that our family would be one member larger by the time we got home. We walked up to the couple selling the puppies and saw the most precious little beauty. We fell in love! She had the sweetest face and the cutest little belly and that was that. She was coming home with us. Immediately after we left the market, we went to visit T’s parents to introduce them to our new little bundle of joy, Jury.

Miss Jury Ann on her first day with her new Mommies


Our sweet baby girl.......6 weeks old

Of course nowadays, at almost three years old, she isn’t quite as small as she was back then. She is however still as lovable and well tempered as when we brought her home. Now she’s just a huge baby who thinks she’s a lap dog. But we love her even when she tries to sleep on top of us.


One response to “Our eldest furbaby

  1. Ro says:

    That’s my niece!!! I love her so much! Lol!!

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