Delightful Insanity

Our baby boy

on July 30, 2011

 Around the time Jury was five months old, I got to thinking that she needed a sibling. I knew, however, that for T to agree to another puppy it would take extreme persistence on my part. She loves animals, but she’s never really had a dog, especially not a big dog and two German Shepherds is a whole lot of big dog. So to gently ease her into the idea of another puppy, when we were out and about doing some kind of shopping, I would casually ask if we could stop at the pet store to look at the animals and see if they had any German Shepherds, since stores usually didn’t. We must have been to the pet stores at least three times a week for about a month. The workers were starting to stare at us like we were crazy since we never bought anything. Eventually, I think she began to warm up to the idea of maybe having two dogs, but her stipulation was that she really wanted an all black or all white one. So we looked and looked, but we never saw any.

Then one day about a week after Jury’s six month birthday, we were in the car going to the grocery store when we spotted a pet store we had never gone to before. I asked her if she wanted to check and see if they had any German Shepherds and she replied that it didn’t really matter since we couldn’t get one even if they did. I said well “let’s just go and look”. Well we just went and looked and surprise surprise they just happened to have two German Shepherd puppies. They were both boys. I looked at the first one and walked right past him, he was cute but he wasn’t meant to be mine. As soon as I saw the other puppy, I knew he was meant to be mine. I cooed and gushed about how beautiful and cuddly he was and even though he wasn’t all black he was pretty darn close. I wanted to hold him and so T asked the sales lady if we could see him out of the cage; she said quite rudely that you can only hold the puppies if you were going to buy them. T told her that we weren’t going to buy a puppy that we couldn’t even hold first, so the rude lady took him out of his little hay filled glass prison and placed him in my arms. In the three seconds I held him, I was completely smitten with him. I passed him off to T so she could hold him and stare into his little baby puppy dog eyes and I could tell she was falling a little in love too. And guess what…. We were so taking him home. We rushed to the nearest atm, took all of the money out of our checking account, went back to the pet store and became the happy mama’s of this beautiful baby boy…

Six week old Ruka snuggled up in a blanket

Ruka is a very unique and shall I say flamboyant dog. He always likes to carry around my clothes and wear them sometimes. And as he was growing we noticed that his tail was curly, like a Siberian Husky. We were curious because we didn’t know if this meant that he was a mixed bread or not (not that it mattered at all; we were just wanted to know. So I looked on the American Kennel Club website and searched their information about German Shepheds. Surprisingly, it’s an actual condition when the dog’s tail curls when it’s not supposed to; it happens because the tendon on the underside of the tail isn’t strong enough to hold the tail down. And what it this condition called? Anyone have a guess? No? Well when a dogs’ tail curls and it’s not supposed to, the dog is said to have a ‘gay tail’. I kid you not. I found it comical that my little flamboyant prancing boy had a gay tail. How appropriate!

Ruka at four and a half months, flaunting his gay tail loud and proud 🙂

Ruka is and always has been a Mommies’ boy. He pretty much attached to my hip and gets very jealous if anoyone else, even Jury or his Mom, tries to come near me or if I give someone else my attention.  He’ll squeeze himself right between anyone to get the attention back to him. He’s my boy and I love him!


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