Delightful Insanity


on September 18, 2011

Ok it has been a crazy long time since my last post, but in my defense we have been experiencing some wild weather here in the land of the delighfully insane mamas. August 28th graced us with the high speed whipping winds and rain of Hurricane Irene. Three trees came crashing down onto our lawn and side porch, a few feet from our house a giant tree fell onto the powerline on the other side of the road and the transformer on the telephone pole right next to our house blew up. So, we were effectively without power for a few days. I didn’t mind, but the in-laws were pretty lost without the tv.

As if the hurricane wasn’t enough, little more than a week later, the Susquehanna river decides that it’s a little bored and goes all kinds of crazy by raising to 41 feet and flooding our entire area and others places. Luckily our house, which is technically right next to the river, was far enough inland to avoid devestation. Sadly enough, others were not so lucky and now are experiencing loss that I cannot fathom.

This is on our road, a few miles from our house.


That little white triangle is the top of T's cousins' porch roof.

Our road at another place where it flooded.


Our road in the other direction, about a quarter mile from our house.


Jury and the river in our backyard...

So all sad news aside… I am making a resolve to post here more often, though I don’t think anyone reads this but me, and the next few posts will be happy ones, yay 🙂


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