Delightful Insanity


on October 7, 2011

It seems to me, and others as well I’m sure, that we get more insane as the days go by! On what should have been a routine trip over the mountian to our beloved dairy farm for fresh milk (and a yummylicious ice cream cone!), a wrench was thrown into the gears. On our drive, I noticed what looked to be a clump of dirt in the middle of the opposing lane; that is until the clump of dirt picked up it’s head! Guess what…. It wasn’t a clump of dirt. It was a kitten! A poor, little kitten in the middle of the road, in a rainstorm no less!

This is how he looked when we found him 😦

As you can see, he was a sickly little boy! Seeing as how we couldn’t just leave him there (no one with any amount of a heart could), we immeadiately re-routed our trip and took the little on to out trusty vetrenarian Dr. Woof. He was such a good boy during his whole visit, even when the doctor put the thermometer up his butt. It turns out he had a severe upper-resperatory infection combined with a high fever, severe conjunctavitis and of course, lots and lots of worms! He did not, however, have any fleas, ticks, feline leukemia, or AIDS. Thank goodness. The poor dear weighed less than a pound and a half and couldn’t even be weighed on the regular scale. They had to put him in a basket and weigh him on a small table scale. We were sent home with a high grade antibiotic, some medicated eye cream and the doctor’s hope that he “makes it back” for his shots.

Well it has been over a month since we brought the little guy home and I am happy to say that he is doing a thousand times better and he has a name! He did in fact make it for a return visit to Dr.Woof and got all of his kitten shots. He also more than doubled his weight; he now weighs three whole pounds! His name is Loki (T’s choice) after the god of mischeif. It fits him very because his a little boldy when he wants to be! Other times he is a little snugglepuss! I’m trying to convince T that he needs a kitty buddy to play with, but she insists that he will fine with having the puppies as pals. That doesn’t stop me from still trying to get her to cave in! Ha!

Loki feeling quite playful

 That picture was taken a few weeks ago and he looks so different now then he did then. I hope to post more recent pictures soon!


3 responses to “Loki

  1. candice says:

    awwww, he looks so bad!!! but the after picture looks much better and he looks very happy. You did a great thing by saving him!

  2. pugmamma says:

    Ohhh, he’s darling! How wonderful that you saved him!!!

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