Delightful Insanity

Playing Catch Up

on November 18, 2011

Wow! I seriously need to get more serious about this blog. It saddens me that I do not post nearly as much as I would like to. Hopefully during winter break I will have much more time to post! But since it has been SO l0ng since I have last posted, it’s time to recall the past weeks events, for those who are interested 🙂

October 30th was my birthday! Yay! I love my birthday! That day T and I, along with our good friend Rob drove to Atlantic City to see Evanescence in concert! The tickets were really T’s early Christmas present from her Mom, but I like them too, so it was a win/win. The concert was amazing despite the ignorant little teenyboppers trying to push their way up to the front! Oh and did I mention the tickets were “Standing Room Only”! That was terrible! We stood for five and a half hours! My back hurt so bad by the end of the show. Even though we were really close to the stage, the whole standing forever thing made me cranky. Ha-Ha!

Some pictures from the concert:

After the concert, we decided to drive up to Massachusetts and spend Halloween in Salem! It was incredible up there! We all had a great time. I would really like to go there again in the future.

Other than that, not much else has gone on here in the realm of the delightfully insane. But I am making a promise to myself to blog more often! Really… I’ll try 🙂


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