Delightful Insanity

Introducing…….Frederick Phineas Fern!!!!

on December 9, 2011

Yes we named our christmas tree…….. Yes we know we have issues 🙂

Well here he is, in all his glammed out, glitzy glory!

Naked and ready for action!


Anyone got a light?


"Do these ornaments make me look fat?"


"Listen ladies, it's time to stop trimming this tree. I'm beginning to look like Lady GaGa."


 It took Me, T and MF (her mom)  a total of five hours to dress him up! Five hours, six strands of lights, tons of ornaments, and countless strands of tinsel (icicles)… was exhausting! Fun, but exhausting! Next on the festive to-do list………Furbaby Christmas Pictures!!! (I hear the wine calling my name now…… That will be a taxing task and I’m sure I will need a glass. Or two!)


2 responses to “Introducing…….Frederick Phineas Fern!!!!

  1. candice says:

    it looks beautiful. mine has been up for a while. but it has no name. but it has a pride flag each year in the angels hands!

  2. jilldab says:

    love the name! looks like a pretty great tree!

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