Delightful Insanity

Snow Puppies!!!

on January 21, 2012

Well today it finally happened. Our backyard was (and is) finally covered with thick, luscious, powdery white snow! We’ve waited for this for a long time; since we haven’t had snow covering the ground since that weird snow storm in October. Needless to say Jury and Ruka were so excited to finally be able to frolic and play in the snow! This is their favorite time of year and they would gladly stay outside for hours if we would let them. Even Loki was watching the snow fall from his comfy spot on the windowsill; sadly I missed that picture opportunity. So of course I had to take lots and lots of pictures of our snow covered furbabies. These guys are two crazy German Shepherds 🙂

Snow Love ❤

There's a reason why Prancer is one of Ruka's (many) nicknames, ha-ha!

Ruka loves to cool his belly off in the snow!

Jury likes the snow!

Ruka snuggling with his Mommy after a long, hard play in the snow.

And since I missed his snow watching picture, here is Loki warming his fur by the fireplace on his favorite basket.

Yay for snowy goodness! 🙂


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  1. Isa says:

    Sorry, I’m just catching up now! Can I have your password, pretty please?

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