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Finally the world has wised up and Meryl Streep has won another Oscar!!!! She looked like a delicious, golden Goddess and well… I could go on and on, gushing about how much I love her and how stunning and brilliant I think she is, however it is very late and I have been awake for over 24 hours now so I’m bordering on delirious! I just had to quick post about this wonderous moment! (Again, if you’re not getting the insane part… is a fine example, haha). Congratulations Meryl! I Love You and You Are BEYOND AMAZING!!! 🙂

She's just so Yummy and Stunningly Beautiful!!!

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V-Day escapades….

….or Wow! Are we odd or what?!

Well it’s a few days late, but I’ve been a rather busy girl.

Most celebrate Valentine’s Day with flowers and candy, a romantic dinner, or something of the like. How did we spend our day, you ask? Well in true delightfully insane fashion, we went and did something….well that would be considered a little strange by most people’s standards. This Valentine’s Day, T and I packed up a little picnic lunch, drove into the mountains close to our house to a little secluded area we found and had a picnic by a creek. No cards, no flowers, no chocolates. Just us.  Before you say “Aww how sweet”, let me just inform you that we live in Northeastern Pennsylvania, it is the month of February, the temperature was probably close to 35 degrees and we willingly sat outside by a semi-frozen body of water and had a picnic! Yes we are strange and unusual, but we LOVED it! We ate our lunch and then had a little creekside adventure. I feel like the luckiest person in the world to be able to have such a wonderful (and equally eccentric) woman to share my life with! I mean come on, how often do you find someone who is willing to spend a few hours with you out in the wilderness jumping on rocks through a creek and daring to taste chunks of creek ice?! Yep, I’m a lucky girl! 🙂 I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day no matter how you spent it. And let’s remember that everyday, not just Valentine’s Day, is a day to spend time with those you love!

Yep that's some chilly water! I still had to touch it! 🙂

A view of the creek upstream.

The ice on the rocks was lovely and glistening (very romantic, in a freezing your butt off kinda way) 🙂

I got as close to the edge as I could without slipping.

T ventured across the frozen rocks too!

Yes I am climbing through a fallen tree, and yes that tree is mostly in the air 🙂

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