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Self Portraits and Birthdays, Yay!

on March 1, 2012

In order to ease my jumbled mind from all things baby and ttc, I have decided to take part in a photo challenge thanks to my new bloggy friend Kara (I love making new bloggy friends) πŸ™‚




While sitting in the library during my break between classes, I was trying to be good and study for a midterm that I had to take about an hour later. I’ve never had to study before, so my tolerance for spending long spans of time trying to study is very low. My mind wanders so easily. I needed to do something else before I clawed my eyes out (not literally since I do enjoy my vision). Naturally I decide to waste some time and take my self-portrait (DUH!! Because what else would I do in a three-story library with a midterm looming in my near future?!?!) So here’s the result and I even put some pink flowers around as a border. So pretty! πŸ™‚



On another note, it is my boy’s birthday today!!! I can’t believe he is three years old already! We made him his sugar cookies of course (they’re his favorite!) and we sang to him. He was thrilled to be able to wear his birthday outfit and he proudly pranced around showing it off.



Yes, he loves pink. He’d wear a rainbow collar with Swarovski crystals if I bought him one πŸ™‚

Well it’s time for bed! Another midterm tomorrow and then my 14 hour work night (yuck) and then 16 hours the nextΒ night (double yuck)! I need my beauty rest, haha πŸ˜‰

Good night, lovelies ❀


2 responses to “Self Portraits and Birthdays, Yay!

  1. Kara says:

    So glad you’re participating! πŸ™‚ I’ll be posting your picture on my blog today as part of the weekly round-up (didn’t hear from you yesterday so I assume that’s ok). I’d post it now but I have to wait for that sister of mine to post her picture. Ahem…

  2. Rebecca says:

    It’s adorable that your puppy loves cookies! Growing up, we used to make cakes for my dog in the shape of bones. He got a real bone to eat, though.

    By the way, hi! I’m doing Kara’s challenge too, and I’ll be stopping by your blog every once in a while to say hello πŸ™‚

    Nice you meet you!

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