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Photography Challenge: Days 2,3 & 4…

on March 5, 2012

I swear it was not my fault that I missed so many challenge days! Our internet was down and we just got it fixed today, But I have been keeping up with the actual taking of pictures, so I will post them all at once! Hehe 🙂

2/31 ::jewelery::

This was an easy picture to take, since I don’t have much jewelery to choose from. One piece that I do wear most often is my rainbow pendent. I really like to wear this necklace because it shows pride, but isn’t over-the-top, look-at-me, flashy.

3/31 ::Scattered::

While I was out grocery shopping I was thinking about what I could take a picture of for today’s theme. Luckily when I got home my fabulous furbabies, Jury and Ruka, had decided to surprise me and create their own response to today’s challenge. Here is Jury and Ruka’s ::scattered:: picture:

Ahh, scattered dog toys and by dog toys I also mean that couch and Loki (our crazy bipolar cat)! Ha-ha 🙂

4/31 ::where I slept::

Okay this picture is not of where I slept because I was at work from 8pm (Saturday evening) until 12 noon(this morning) That’s 16 hours people and I still haven’t slept! So instead here is a picture of where I will be sleeping in just a few short moments.

Our cramped, full-sized bed complete with mismatched pillows and a Wolfie blankie 🙂

And of course Jury and Ruka couldn’t pass up a chance to snuggle with Mommy 🙂

They love to snuggle with Mommy! 🙂

So there you have it and now I’m officially caught up! Phew! I detest being behind, especially something that I really look forward to. Now I am going to collapse on my bed and probably immediately fall asleep. Night night 😉


One response to “Photography Challenge: Days 2,3 & 4…

  1. Kara says:

    Oh my gosh, our kitties do the same thing when we’re at work! No matter how we leave the house looking, whenever I get home (I get home first) they have scattered every toy and sock and houseshoe they can find. 🙂

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