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Loki Update

Remember that poor, almost dead kitten that we found in the middle of the road last August? Well it has been a while since I’ve mentioned him, so I thought I would give him an update post 🙂

Loki  was an all around crazy cat once he fully recovered from his many, many ailments. Well to be blunt, he was a bit bipolar; one second he would walk up to you and want to be scratched and then in a split second, Bam!, your hand/arm would become his personal scratch & chew toy! He would randomly walk up to you, smack you with his paw/bite you, then make an attempt at a hissing noise, and then run away. He was, to say the least, a terror. However, all of that changed in just one day. You see, what happened was that I finally got my way and that special appointment at the veterinarian was made. Yep, once that little viper was castrated he became the most lovable and snuggly little pussycat! He did a complete turn around! He was a completely different cat once he came home from the vet! All he needed was a little neutering, Ha-ha!

Now Loki and Ruka are best friends and play, nap, and cause mischief together. It is really cute and a little bizarre at times. I hope to adopt another furry feline friend for our family, but it may be a little while yet… 😦

Happy, snuggly boy 🙂


Loki protects the house while it’s Ruka’s turn for a nappy 🙂


Ruka and Loki sharing a blanket for nap time 🙂

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