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Fall Foto Fridays

I’m so excited to do this ❤

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She lives!!!!

Yeah I’m alive…

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve written here! I don’t think I had many readers, but I still miss this space and interacting with those who read my blog and those who’s blogs I read (and yes I’ve still been following along). So much has been going on since I’ve written here last and I am hoping to write more in depth about all of it soon. But for now, I’ll just highlight the important things. Let’s see….marriage, two new rescue FurKids, foot surgery on the horizon, oh and the official start of our TTC journey (we’ve got sperm and OPK’s and we’re ready to rock & roll)!

Well if anyone is still following along (and I hope you are), or for any newcomers that happen upon my little space, hopefully my upcoming posts will be much more frequent than in the past and hopefully my commenting will be too! 🙂


So what exactly happened here…???

My poor, poor, sad and neglected blog! I cannot believe how long it has been since I have posted here! Shame on me! Is anyone still out there? I really need to get back into my groove here; I miss writing here terribly! Now that this semester is over (although I am taking classes over the summer), I hope to be more active in both posting on my blog and commenting on others. Okay, here I go! 🙂

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What a gorgeous sight to wake up to…

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Turkey Day in Review

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and that means lots of food, lots of family, lots of chaos, and lots of stress! Thanksgiving isn’t much of a big deal for me. After all you spend hours of cooking and cleaning to prepare, all to have everyone leave after an hour or so. It’s just not worth the aggravation, but year after year we do it anyways (that’s another check for the insane column). Before the family chaos began T and I spent some family time with the furbabies in the backyard. It was a gorgeous day after all, so we both sat on a blanket and played catch with the dogs and just relaxed. Hopefully by next Thanksgiving we’ll have a human baby to share the craziness and the love with!

After everyone left, T and I decided to go grab a movie to watch before I had to leave for work. Unfortunately, not a single movie place was open! I always forget that we live in the country and people close their businesses to spend time with their families. So, we stopped and got some take-out and sat in the dark corner of the parking lot. We ate and listened to some Holiday music and just enjoyed the peacefulness of being alone. We’re so corny sometimes 🙂

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Wordless Wednesday

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Playing Catch Up

Wow! I seriously need to get more serious about this blog. It saddens me that I do not post nearly as much as I would like to. Hopefully during winter break I will have much more time to post! But since it has been SO l0ng since I have last posted, it’s time to recall the past weeks events, for those who are interested 🙂

October 30th was my birthday! Yay! I love my birthday! That day T and I, along with our good friend Rob drove to Atlantic City to see Evanescence in concert! The tickets were really T’s early Christmas present from her Mom, but I like them too, so it was a win/win. The concert was amazing despite the ignorant little teenyboppers trying to push their way up to the front! Oh and did I mention the tickets were “Standing Room Only”! That was terrible! We stood for five and a half hours! My back hurt so bad by the end of the show. Even though we were really close to the stage, the whole standing forever thing made me cranky. Ha-Ha!

Some pictures from the concert:

After the concert, we decided to drive up to Massachusetts and spend Halloween in Salem! It was incredible up there! We all had a great time. I would really like to go there again in the future.

Other than that, not much else has gone on here in the realm of the delightfully insane. But I am making a promise to myself to blog more often! Really… I’ll try 🙂

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It seems to me, and others as well I’m sure, that we get more insane as the days go by! On what should have been a routine trip over the mountian to our beloved dairy farm for fresh milk (and a yummylicious ice cream cone!), a wrench was thrown into the gears. On our drive, I noticed what looked to be a clump of dirt in the middle of the opposing lane; that is until the clump of dirt picked up it’s head! Guess what…. It wasn’t a clump of dirt. It was a kitten! A poor, little kitten in the middle of the road, in a rainstorm no less!

This is how he looked when we found him 😦

As you can see, he was a sickly little boy! Seeing as how we couldn’t just leave him there (no one with any amount of a heart could), we immeadiately re-routed our trip and took the little on to out trusty vetrenarian Dr. Woof. He was such a good boy during his whole visit, even when the doctor put the thermometer up his butt. It turns out he had a severe upper-resperatory infection combined with a high fever, severe conjunctavitis and of course, lots and lots of worms! He did not, however, have any fleas, ticks, feline leukemia, or AIDS. Thank goodness. The poor dear weighed less than a pound and a half and couldn’t even be weighed on the regular scale. They had to put him in a basket and weigh him on a small table scale. We were sent home with a high grade antibiotic, some medicated eye cream and the doctor’s hope that he “makes it back” for his shots.

Well it has been over a month since we brought the little guy home and I am happy to say that he is doing a thousand times better and he has a name! He did in fact make it for a return visit to Dr.Woof and got all of his kitten shots. He also more than doubled his weight; he now weighs three whole pounds! His name is Loki (T’s choice) after the god of mischeif. It fits him very because his a little boldy when he wants to be! Other times he is a little snugglepuss! I’m trying to convince T that he needs a kitty buddy to play with, but she insists that he will fine with having the puppies as pals. That doesn’t stop me from still trying to get her to cave in! Ha!

Loki feeling quite playful

 That picture was taken a few weeks ago and he looks so different now then he did then. I hope to post more recent pictures soon!



Ok it has been a crazy long time since my last post, but in my defense we have been experiencing some wild weather here in the land of the delighfully insane mamas. August 28th graced us with the high speed whipping winds and rain of Hurricane Irene. Three trees came crashing down onto our lawn and side porch, a few feet from our house a giant tree fell onto the powerline on the other side of the road and the transformer on the telephone pole right next to our house blew up. So, we were effectively without power for a few days. I didn’t mind, but the in-laws were pretty lost without the tv.

As if the hurricane wasn’t enough, little more than a week later, the Susquehanna river decides that it’s a little bored and goes all kinds of crazy by raising to 41 feet and flooding our entire area and others places. Luckily our house, which is technically right next to the river, was far enough inland to avoid devestation. Sadly enough, others were not so lucky and now are experiencing loss that I cannot fathom.

This is on our road, a few miles from our house.


That little white triangle is the top of T's cousins' porch roof.

Our road at another place where it flooded.


Our road in the other direction, about a quarter mile from our house.


Jury and the river in our backyard...

So all sad news aside… I am making a resolve to post here more often, though I don’t think anyone reads this but me, and the next few posts will be happy ones, yay 🙂

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